In einem schwarzen Raum im NAWAREUM leuchtet eine große Darstellung der Erde. Davor steht die Silhouette einer Frau. An der linken Wand sind Einhandhörer angebracht.

Age recommendations

What age is the NAWAREUM suitable for?


The NAWAREUM is a hands-on museum for people of all ages! There are easy to understand as well as more challenging hands-on stations and information in each area.

Especially for children between the ages of 6 and 12, we have a children's track that runs through the entire exhibition. The corresponding stations are marked with a diamond.

We have observed that children under the age of 6 also have a lot of fun discovering the NAWAREUM. In this age group, supervision by parents plays a particularly important role.


Duration of stay

How much time should I plan for a visit to the NAWAREUM?


Most guests stay at the NAWAREUM for 1–3 hours. Since our bistro is open for visitors to unwind before or after their visit to the exhibition, you are welcome to plan a little more time. You can even leave the exhibition temporarily and take a break – your admission ticket is valid for the whole day.


Eating & Drinking

Can I eat and drink at the NAWAREUM?


Yes, of course! You can find all related information here:





Where can I send my feedback?


For feedback, please contact us via e-mail at feedback [at] nawareum.de. We look forward to hearing from you!



Am I allowed to take photographs or film in the NAWAREUM?


Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes is always permitted at the NAWAREUM. Please consider the personal rights of other guests and do not photograph anyone without being asked.


Lost and found

I have lost or found something!


Lost property can be handed in and collected at the cash desk.


Supervision of children

Do I have to supervise my children at the NAWAREUM?


Yes. Parents/guardians are liable for minors. This applies equally to private visits as well as school and group visits.



Can I park my stroller or take it with me?


You are welcome to take your stroller into the exhibition. In this case, please follow the green arrows that indicate the accessible route. Alternatively, you can park your stroller in the lower level.



Where can I park near the NAWAREUM?


You can find a map with a list of parking spaces here:

Opening hours & directions



Tour route

How do I find my way around the NAWAREUM?


The signposted tour starts in the basement and leads you through the entire exhibition. White arrows indicate the route with stairs, while green arrows indicate the barrier-free route.



Is there seating available in the exhibition?


Yes, benches are generously distributed throughout the exhibition. In addition, you can borrow lightweight folding stools at the cash desk.




In which languages are the exhibition texts?


All exhibition texts are available in German and English. The videos in the exhibition contain optional English subtitles. For deaf or hearing-impaired people, all videos also have either a translation into German Sign Language (DGS) or German subtitles.

The audio stations are so far only available in German and without transcript.



Does the NAWAREUM rent out its rooms for third-party events?


No, unfortunately we do not rent out our rooms for third-party events.


Diaper changing table

Is there a diaper changing table for babies?


Yes, by the bathrooms in the lower level.



Is there free WiFi at the NAWAREUM?


Yes, there is free WiFi at the NAWAREUM. The network name is @BayernWLAN. All you need to do is accept the terms of use.


What does the name NAWAREUM mean?

NAWAREUM is the acronym for the German equivalent of renewable resources and renewable energies at the museum.


Who created the artwork made of illuminated glass bottles in the foyer?

The artwork is called "Wave" and was created by Tom Kristen, an artist with roots in Straubing. The design was chosen over eight other entries in a competition held by the Staatliches Bauamt Passau (Passau State Building Authority). The costs of the artwork - around 120,000 Euros - were provided by the Free State of Bavaria for Kunst am Bau as part of the building measure. You can find all information about the competition Kunst am Bau at the NAWAREUM here: https://stadtlandbau.de/kunst-am-bau/nawareum/



Who designed the building and how much did it cost?

The building was designed by DÖMGES Architekten AG in Regensburg. The developer was the Staatliches Bauamt Passau (Passau State Building Authority). The total construction costs amounted to 22 million euros, which were jointly financed by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.